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City of Calgary to reconsider landfill schedules after complaints

Landfill hours were reduced when the city found they were losing millions in revenues

Calgary's landfills aren't all running at full steam.

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Calgary's landfills aren't all running at full steam.

Constituents are raising a stink over the city's new staggered landfill schedule.

At the end of 2016, the city announced that their three dumps were hemorrhaging money.  Overall there was a $10 million shortfall. Jobs were cut, and landfill hours adjusted to help with the lack of cash flow.

But on Monday, Coun. Shane Keating raised an issue his constituents are facing: the Shepard Landfill is closed three days in a row, and it's affecting small businesses.

"Shepard is now closed Saturday, Sunday, Monday three days in a row - only open up four," said Keating. "Which is challenging for small businesses and residents, they have to go to completely different areas of the city to dispose their waste."

Rob Pritchard General Manager of Utilities and Environment said there's a landfill open every day of the week under the new hour model.

"At the moment we haven't considered alternative operating models such as staggered operating days, closed days," Pritchard said. "Because this is the first season, the first time we've done this. We will be looking at how effective and efficient it's been, and we'll be looking at our costs. We will be taking under advisement the kind of feedback that we get from our customers."

He did note that tipping revenues are trending down again for 2017 and it's unclear if the city will be able to go back to operating three landfills full time.

"We can't sacrifice the efficiency and effectiveness in our operations," said Pritchard. 

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