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University of Calgary sets Eyes High-er with newly energized strategy

Students are put in focus with the newest iteration of the U of C's strategy which will take the school into 2022

University of Calgary President Elizabeth Cannon.

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University of Calgary President Elizabeth Cannon.

It took a load of student, faculty and staff participation to energize the University of Calgary’s newest version of their Eyes High strategy.

Setting their sights even higher since the last strategy was published in 2011, this new document will lead the U of C through a new generation.

It seeks to: further sharpen their focus on research and scholarships, better learning quality, and integrate the U of C with its surrounding community. Particularly, this strategy puts the “student experience” in the forefront.

“We’re in a different place as an institution, Calgary is in a different place, post-secondary educations has evolved, that needed to be reflected,” said President Elizabeth Cannon.

This time around there was a move to engage the whole community, online and in person. More than 10,000 “engagement points” were recorded and the school had 4,000 or more participate in their survey and focus groups.

Cannon said the fundamental pinnacles of the strategy stayed the same, but woven campus culture and student experience came out in a more tangible way than the first version of the strategy.

Stephan Guscott, the Students’ Union president, said students’ voices are brought to focus with the new strategy – he said for students, there’s nothing missing in the new strategy.

“It strongly addresses the feedback students gave,” said Guscott. “Five years down the road, when the strategy is focusing on things like infrastructure, community and experiential learning I think focusing on those things there will be some really cool small changes that are made including programs, but also big changes that will change a lot of students’ experience at the U of C.”

The energized Eyes High strategy was approved unanimously the Board of Governor’s level Friday, and will be formally introduced to the campus population at large in April. This iteration of Eyes High should last the university until 2022.

The original Eyes High was a lofty strategy to make the U of C one of Canada’s top five research institutions by their 50th anniversary in 2016.

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