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Calgary's Northern Hills district parents demand high school

Kids from Northern Hills are currently divided between three different high schools outside of the district

With a population of nearly 100,000, the Northern Hills district said they're desperate for a high school.

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With a population of nearly 100,000, the Northern Hills district said they're desperate for a high school.

A group of Calgary parents from the Northern Hills communities are fed up with the lack of high school in their area as elementary schools continue to be built around them.

David Hartwick, vice-president of the Northern Hills community association, said historically high school kids from Northern Hills have had to attend three different schools in the city because they don’t have their own.

“Everyone is divided even though we’re in the same area,” he said.

Hartwick said they were told the school would be built in 2004 when it first appeared on the Calgary Board fo Education’s capital plan, but after sitting on the list for years, it disappeared and only returned to their capital plan wish list this year.

“We’re concerned that it disappeared off the list before and it could very well disappear again,” he said. 

Hartwick said their community feels that if they don’t push to have a high school build now it will never get built, and that the lack of high school is affecting Northern Hills high school kids' quality of life.

“It’s the ability to work, or volunteer, or get help after school,” he said, adding that students currently spend roughly 45 minutes each way traveling to one of three “far away” high schools.

The CBE said they present an annual capital plan to Alberta Education, they don't decide which ones are built or when they break ground.  CBE said that although they're pleased by new school build announcements and the promise of more annually,  it often leaves other communities waiting on word of a possible school build.  

Alberta Education minister, David Eggen, said he’s aware of the need for a Northern Hills area high school and he's listening to resident concerns.  

Eggen said his government makes their decisions based on school board capital plans and take into account things like enrollment, growth and regional need.

“There’s no doubt that we’re having to play catch-up after years of neglect, cuts and political game-playing by previous governments.”

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