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Green cart program ready to begin Calgary collection

Delivery of the green bins to Calgary homes will begin in the southwest starting in June.

Calgary green cart collection is set to begin later this year.

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Calgary green cart collection is set to begin later this year.

Calgary residents are about to go a little greener - literally - as the city has set dates for the roll out of its Green Cart program.

On Thursday, the City announced details for its long awaited rollout they told residents would be underway in spring of this year. Although some may not see service until October, and the facility is still under construction, the program is being launched with no delays. 

"The facility at this point is not complete," said Philippa Wagner, Green Cart implementation leader. "It's still a construction site, but it will be completed mid-July when we start collection." 

According to the city, 89 per cent of Calgary residents were looking forward to the roll out of the green carts. A pilot project in four communities saw the amount of garbage collected drop in half.

Wagner said the city-wide release is expected to follow the same pattern and have residents diverting more and more waste as they get up to speed. 

"I really don't think it will take very long (to adjust) residents in our pilot came on board very quickly," Wagner said. "Within a few weeks." 

The program will allow for the composting of all food, yard and pet waste, including: meat, bones, cheese, and plate scrapings.

The city said all of the material collected will be turned into compost to be used in gardens, parks and area farms. Wagnersaid some of those materials will be given back to the community free of charge, while a majority of the materials will be sold to keep the costs of the program down. 

Along with the green bin, residents will receive a kitchen pail for collection and a sample of compostable bags.

The fee for green cart service was waived for 2017 by council decision, but a monthly fee will be charged beginning in 2018.

Once the service begins, collection will be every week for blue and green bins, and once every two weeks for black bins because of the drop in garbage collected.

Courtesy/ City of Calgary

The program details: 

Southwest residents will be the first to receive their green carts, beginning the week of June 5. The northwest will get delivery at the start of July, northeast in August and southeast in September.

The city hopes to have a green cart at 320,000 Calgary homes in time for fall clean up.  

Once the bins are all delivered in the different quadrants, collection will begin on the following dates:

Southwest – July 17

Northwest – August 14

Northeast – September 4

Southeast – October 2

More information about the green cart program can be found at

Courtesy/ City of Calgary

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