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'They're doing all sorts of backflips': City unveils new Green Line alignments

Putting it all out on the table, the City of Calgary has released additional alignments for the train's way into Ramsay and Inglewood

Calgary's Green Line is getting more alignment options as council closes in on a final decision.

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Calgary's Green Line is getting more alignment options as council closes in on a final decision.

Don’t like the alignments we’ve got? Let’s try more.

After community uproar, the City of Calgary is presenting two additional alignment options for the Beltline and Victoria Park to the Inglewood and Ramsay station – and these ones don’t take the train through the middle of Ramsay.

But there are still four alignments on the table, and final decisions will be made by council in June.

On Wednesday, the city published two additional maps detailing options they believe should be considered as they move toward finalizing the Green Line alignments.

Fabiola MacIntyre, head of the city’s Green Line team, said these new options were brought online because they wanted to make sure stakeholders had time to digest any viable option on the table.

“We want to bring forward all the viable options and that we have that as part of a discussion with all the stakeholders as early as possible,” she said.

One, dubbed the 10 Avenue South option would take the line a jog north from the Centre Street station on 12 Avenue South to 10 Avenue South. Then, the line would follow CP rail tracks until it reached the Inglewood and Ramsay Station.

The second approach is a staged one that would skirt the Victoria Park bus barns until they are eventually moved. Then, the tracks would be taken out and redone to add a station where the barns sat.

These new options took Peter Oliver, with the Beltline Neighbourhood Association, by surprise.

“They’re doing all sorts of backflips to avoid looking at an underground 12 Avenue Station in Victoria Park,” said Oliver. “You’re avoiding a lot of opportunity where you could be putting a station at the doorstep of the... soon to be massively renovated convention centre, you’re moving it away from the Red Line where you could have a transfer station...and potentially the new Plan B arena.”

But this area has a lot of moving parts; there’s the redevelopment of the Victoria Park area, which is being led by the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation and there’s also talk about a new arena, or even an entertainment district.

“It’s very complicated, there are a lot of moving parts,” MacIntyre said, head of the city’s Green Line team. “We’re absolutely in conversations with all of those stakeholders to understand how we can help support their visions and how we can work together to see that the Green Line can support that, operate efficiently, can be within a certain amount of cost target to make sure we’re serving all Calgarians.”

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