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Not one, but three Bison born in Banff National Park

It's an important milestone for a project that began earlier this year to reintroduce bison into the park

A healthy baby bison born in Banff National Park.


A healthy baby bison born in Banff National Park.

A herd of bison reintroduced into Banff National Park last year has grown by three.

On April 22, a wild bison was born in the park for the first time in 140 years, marking an important achievement for a reintroduction project that began earlier this year.

But that's not all – two more births followed days later, the latest happening on Tuesday morning. 

“This is huge,” said Bill Hunt, Banff’s resource conservation manager. 

“They’re doing really well, we’re cautiously optimistic the other seven will calve really soon,” he said.

In January, 16 bison were relocated to a large paddock in Banff in an effort to bring the noble beasts back to the prairies. Hunt said the births mean everything is going according to plan.

“This was part of the design of the recovery project … Wherever a young female has her first calf, that becomes her new home base,” Hunt said.

The mothers will calve twice before being released next spring into a much larger roaming area.

“These calving events are what we hope will tie them to their new home,” Hunt said.

He said the three babies are healthy, playful and look like they’re at home already.

“They’re sturdy little fellas; they’re wobbly for the first little bit but they’ve got their feet under them and are moving quite well,” Hunt said.

“We woke up this morning (in Banff) with two-three feet of fresh snow on the ground, which for a lot of new born babies would be a problem, but for buffalo, they’re really well adapted.”

According to Hunt, the newborns are the roughly the size of a medium-height dog.

We can't get enough either.


We can't get enough either.

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