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Joel McHale brings the laughs to the shop in Calgary

The stand up comedian performs in June

Joel McHale recently hosted the Webby awards.

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Joel McHale recently hosted the Webby awards.

From The Soup and Community, comedian Joel McHale stops by the Laugh Shop on June 2 and 3.

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Q: You’ve hosted The Soup, the Webbys, you’ve presented at the Emmys – what’s the trick to really capture an audience on that level?

A: Yeah, from what I’ve learned over the years – and hopefully gotten better at – as a host … you have to keep the ball in the air. You have to be a host in every sense of the word. You have to take care of these people and give them a sense that you’re in control of the show and they will be entertained.

You have to be funny, hopefully. If you have a sh***y monologue to open up a show you’re hosting, you’re in trouble. You might be able to win them back, but if you don’t come out of the gate giving them a sense of confidence, then, yeah, you’re not going to get them back.

Q: What or who do you find funny these days?

A: I watch a lot of kids’ shows with my kids, they’re 12 and nine, and they still watch Clarence and Gumball. They’re kind of getting old for that, but they know how funny it is, and I know how funny it is, and we watch a lot of it. I watch it, and I think, ‘this is ****ing great. It’s so funny, the timing of it is inspiring. This is the future.’

So there’s that.

I love Bob’s Burgers. There’s a real sweetness and absolute hilarity to that show.

I love the Eric Andre show. Obviously, I hope it has international, wide appeal, but the guy makes me laugh out loud.

Q: For people who have seen you on The Soup or Community, what can they expect from your live show?

A: Well, you’re gonna see a big white guy on stage, telling jokes. I’ll probably be wearing a sweatshirt and jeans, maybe some boots.

Umm, I do a lot of Canada stuff actually. There’s a big chunk about Canada. I’m half Canadian, so I’ve always felt akin to Canadians.

I talk a lot of American culture and Canadian culture. I can’t not talk about Trump because it’s the only thing in the world people seem to talk about.

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