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Calgary now reviewing committee's Olympic recommendation

CBEC's advice on whether or not to make a bid won't be made public until July

If Calgary makes a bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics, it will hinge on reusing facilities from 1988.


If Calgary makes a bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics, it will hinge on reusing facilities from 1988.

The Calgary Olympic Bid Exploration Committee (CBEC) has completed its report, and it’s now in the hands of city administration.

The document came in on time and under budget, according to an update going to council this Monday.

Although council approved $4.7 million for the volunteer committee to come up with a recommendation on a 2026 Winter Olympic bid, they spent approximately $3 million of that.

On Monday, councillors will hear a joint verbal report from CBEC, city administration and a city consultant on research and investigation techniques. They will also hear some high-level findings, but the final yea or nay won’t be revealed until July 24.

Calgary may have more time to make a decision. The International Olympic Committee is giving potential host cities until February 2018 to put forward a letter of intent. Previously the deadline was Sept. 13 of this year.

Coun. Evan Woolley said extra time wouldn’t hurt in this case.

“More time means that we can do more diligence and have more conversations. And I’m completely comfortable with that,” he said

However the city’s top administrator on the Olympic file, director of recreation Kyle Ripley, said in an email to Metro that the extension does not change Calgary’s timeline.

“Administration and CBEC remain committed to the original timeline of providing recommendations to council regarding the Olympic Bid Exploration on July 24,” he wrote.

The update also notes that parts of CBEC’s final document will remain confidential, even in July.

“Due to the competitive nature of this work and in respecting confidential information as it relates to venue operators/other key stakeholders, it is integral to keep parts of CBEC’s final report confidential,” reads the update.

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