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Video: Metro commandeers Tim Hortons Poutine Doughnut, so you don't have to

Without any luck finding the mythical treat, Metro's intrepid reporters made their own and it was...delicious?

Metro's Brodie Thomas takes a big bite from a do-it-yourself version of the Tim Hortons Poutine Doughnut.

Helen Pike/ Metro News

Metro's Brodie Thomas takes a big bite from a do-it-yourself version of the Tim Hortons Poutine Doughnut.

Poutine, Tim Hortons... meet the Americanized world of food – for Canada's 150th birthday, no less.

Days before the madness of celebrating another Canada Day, the true north strong and free was hit with what many saw as betrayal from the old faithful Tim Hortons. 

A doughnut the internet quickly dubbed so vile, or magnificent (the verdict is still out on this one), that everyone across our home and native land had to have a taste.

But that's the rub: It's a United States exclusive.

Here's the ingredient list for the aformentioned poutine doughnut: a honey dip doughnut topped with potato wedges, gravy and cheese curds. Easy enough, Timmies. Here at Metro we said if you won't bring it to us, we'll make it ourselves.  

A quick trip to our nearest drive-through window was enough to secure both the doughnuts and the wedges. Then, onward to the local grocery store and we had a full array of supplies.

Social media was quick to turn their noses up, but mother always taught us not to judge a book by its cover – or continuously insist that perhaps we like broccoli now, and that our taste buds have changed.

"Tim Hortons will sell a poutine donut but only the in U.S. because Canadian medicare refuses to cover it," wrote one user on Twitter.

In our office, some bit into the poutine-slathered treat with trepidation.

For a few members of Metro's staff it was warranted; there were a few spit-takes. But for others who came into the experience thinking they would hate the gross-looking concoction a taste brought up amazement at the sweet and salty mingling of textures.

Happy Canada Day weekend, friends. If you're jolly enough to try this one, know that we survived the feat (although some are complaining about stomach aches).

With files from the Canadian Press

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