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25 years ago, Spider-Man swung into the Calgary Stampede

The official Marvel comic has Spidey facing villains like Man Bull

Eb Mensah, known as C Town Spider, help tackle Calgary's own Outlaw the Bull.

Aaron Chatha / Metro

Eb Mensah, known as C Town Spider, help tackle Calgary's own Outlaw the Bull.

With the release of a new Spider-Man movie on the same weekend as the Calgary Stampede opened, we at Metro thought it would be a good time to re-visit the only time the web-head visited the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth in the pages of the Amazing Spider-Man.

The comic, subtitled Chaos in Calgary, was actually part of a mini-series in collaboration with the Government of Canada, for Canada’s 125 birthday in 1992.

That meant in between pages of fighting villains, Spidey and his young friends in the Right-Riders would stop to educate kids about bike safety (like putting reflective tape on your helmet, or stopping at train tracks because, “Any time is train time!”). The little educational pages were also sponsored by Petro Canada.

Aaron Chatha / Metro

Metro teamed up with local cosplayer Eb Mensah to recreate the cover of the comic, which featured Spidey riding on a bull. We swapped the brown hat of the cover with an authentic, Calgary Stampede branded white hat, however.

Mensah is one of Calgary’s biggest Spider-fans, with hyper-accurate costumes from all the movies, and a couple of the comics and video games. He not only shows up at events like Comic Expo, but is also a familiar figure at local charity events.

Despite not being a very popular issue of Spider-Man, Mensah was familiar with Chaos in Calgary.

“I actually came across the comic a little while ago, and it wasn’t something that I expected,” he laughed. “But Spider-Man is this huge, worldwide character, and you never know what to expect. It’s amazing to see how spread out he is, and especially with Calgary, it’s amazing to see him.”

Courtesy Marvel Comics

The entire comic takes place at the Stampede, and has Spider-Man battling four low-level villains who are trying to kidnap a prestigious Canadian physics professor.

One of the villains is named Man-Bull, who has the strength and appearance of a bull, whom Spider-Man naturally rides like a bull before taking him down.

While Chaos in Calgary wasn’t exactly an Eisner-winning comic, it still represents one of Calgary’s fun brushes with super heroics.

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