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Most Calgary cul-de-sacs too small for angle parking: City report

Councillor thinks solution to legalize the practice can still be found

The city report looks at how much room waste and emergency vehicles need to safely turn around in a cul-de-sac.

City of Calgary

The city report looks at how much room waste and emergency vehicles need to safely turn around in a cul-de-sac.

Citizens who thought the city had a solution in the works to make angle parking in cul-de-sacs legal may be out of luck.

Many residents have been parking nose-in to the sidewalk for years, with the Calgary Parking Authority turning a blind eye to it.

When complaints in some cul-de-sacs led to tickets, Coun. Shane Keating led the charge to find a solution in February.

A report requested by several city councillors is finally coming back to a council committee this week, but city staff have found less than 1 per cent of cul-de-sacs in the city are actually large enough to accommodate angle parking.

The report says that waste collection vehicles and Calgary Fire Department rescue vehicles need at least a 15-metre radius cul-de-sac in order to manoeuvre in the space.

“Cul-de-sacs have reduced in size over the years as developers and home buyers have favoured the design of homes with front-drive garages,” notes the report.

Administration found 33 residential cul-de-sacs that are large enough to accommodate angle parking, but noted only 11 of them have the continuous curbs that are needed as well.

However, Keating believes there’s still a solution to be found, because he feels the main problem is for city waste trucks, not emergency vehicles.

“The emergency vehicles can always drive straight in,” said Keating. “They don’t really have to have the complete turning radius – they’ll just do what they’ll do and then they’ll back out of the cul-de-sac.”

He thinks if residents of a cul-de-sac are all on the same page, they can designate a single 'no parking' zone in their area, where they would take their waste collection carts on pickup day.

Meanwhile, Calgary Parking Authority says it will be taking a new approach to enforcing angle parking starting in September.

Officers will be issuing warnings in response to complaints, and those will be catalogued in the CPA’s computer system. Information brochures will be given out with those warnings.

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