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Made in Calgary pop up shop flies into YYC International

The airport store will sell products made by local, independent businesses

Gerry Williams, Joselyn Flores and Leighton Healeymake up the sales team at the new Made in Calgary airport pop up.

Aaron Chatha / Metro

Gerry Williams, Joselyn Flores and Leighton Healeymake up the sales team at the new Made in Calgary airport pop up.

Calgary-made products are hitting the high skies.

Made in Calgary, a local grassroots movement, has opened a pop-up shop in the Calgary International Airport, featuring only items made and sold locally.

“We’ve been selling stuff to people going as far away as New Zealand and Japan, all the way to a couple from Argentina,” said co-founder Leighton Healey. “So there’s stuff made in Calgary, literally going to every corner of the globe right now – which is pretty cool.”

The shop has about 20 local, independent product makers, which include Analog Coffee, Local Laundry and Fairgoods. It’s everything from candles and handmade, small-batch soaps to clothing items.

“In my experience, all these product-makers take an enormous amount of pride in what they do,” said Healey. “The amount of passion they put into not just the product, but the ingredients, the materials, the process – I mean these people are genuinely passionate.

“They’re not bragging about how cheap they can source their products. It’s the opposite. They’re proud of how local they were able to create things.”

For example, Local Laundry not only puts the YYC airport code on their shirts, but also donates part of their profits to local charities.

“I was living in Sweden at the time, and I see all this East Coast lifestyle stuff, and everyone’s always asking where I’m from,” founder Connor Curran has said. “They’d heard of Canada, but not everyone had heard of Calgary, so I was looking for a way to capture the essence of Calgary.”

This pop up shop is the result of a long running initiative by Made in Calgary, which started with putting stickers in local businesses and products, to let consumers know what was created here.

A member of the YYC commercial retail team learned about the project, and reached out to Made in Calgary to launch a pop-up shop, as a test to see if there’s an appetite for a more permanent store.

The store is located on the departures level near the Starbucks and the Air Canada security line.

It’s only around until July 31, at which point they’ll look at how successful the venture was and decide if there’s a place for a more permanent setting.

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