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Alberta's commitment to Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir 'has not wavered:' Mason

The government of Alberta released new cost estimates for the flood-mitigation project pegging the project at $432 million, up from the $250 million price tag

Pictured is a rendering of the Springbank Off-Strem Reservoir.

Screen Shot / Government of Alberta

Pictured is a rendering of the Springbank Off-Strem Reservoir.

The Springbank dry dam (SR1) is costing the province more than projected.

On Friday, in a press release, the government announced the SR1 project that was once pegged at $250 million will now cost $432 million with a chance to recoup some costs bringing the total price down to $372 million.

Increased construction and engineering work and plans to purchase 3,200 acres of land are behind the added costs according to the government.

Despite the price change, Minister of Transportation Brian Mason stands firm behind the Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir as the "quickest path forward" to protecting the City of Calgary against another flood event.

"Our government committed to the Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir project in October 2015, and that commitment has not wavered," said Mason in a written statement. "This project will have a significantly lower environmental impact than McLean Creek would. It is also closer to Calgary, which means it would be much easier to activate, operate and accommodate an emergency response."

Mason said the extra land planned for purchase wasn't needed for Springbank construction but was part of feedback from the landowner who preferred the province buy their entire property.

"By responding to this feedback, we will be able to more effectively negotiate a fair purchase of the land needed to build a project which will protect hundreds of thousands of Albertans," said Mason.

The land will be sold after the dry dam is complete, which will help the government bring down the cost of the overall project to less than the estimated cost ($406 million) for the McLean Creek option.

SR1 has a series of open houses scheduled for 5-8 p.m.:

Aug. 16 – Wild Wild West Event Centre, 67 Commercial Crt, Calgary

Aug. 17 – Mount Royal University, Ross Glen Hall, 4825 Mount Royal Gate SW, Calgary

Aug. 22 – Wild Wild West Event Centre, 67 Commercial Crt, Calgary

Aug. 29 – First Church of the Nazarene, 65 Richard Way SW, Calgary ​

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