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The Bunny Phantom emerges

The short film has will be screened in the Best of Shorts at Calgary Film Fest

The Bunny Phantom is a stop-motion animated short film.

Courtesy Simon Chan

The Bunny Phantom is a stop-motion animated short film.

A year ago, Calgarian Simon Chan and his brother Vinson won a Storyhive grant to bring their animation vision to life: a parody of superhero films called The Legend of the Bunny Phantom. Filmed using stop motion and Lego figures, the short film depicts and epic battle between good and evil – and made it into the Best of Shorts category at this year’s Calgary International Film Festival.

The short screens this Sunday evening.

Q: How cool does it feel getting into the festival?

A: It’s been an amazing experience! We got notified in August that we got in and I was super stoked, then a few weeks ago the programmer called me and said she added it to the Best of Shorts. That’s the cherry on top.

Q: It was screened once earlier this week, how did audiences react?

A: It’s been good overall. I think they laugh at the right places. The audience reactions have been pretty positive.

Q: What makes the Bunny Phantom so cool?

A: It’s evolved quite a bit since its inception. Last year, we had the idea it would have huge, epic, superhero fight sequences. Throughout the actual production process, we learned that we had limitations because of time constraints and resources within the time frame. There was a bit more structure to it, and we took the classic tale of the Tortoise and the Hare for inspiration. It’s evolved from there.

Q: How long was the animation process?

A: The project took six months in total. The production phase took about two months.

Basically, it’s 90 per cent stop motion, then we had a little bit of compositing when we have to craft the animated faces to make the characters talk. But all the physical movements of the characters are made with stop motion.

Q: After the festival, what’s next for The Bunny Phantom?

A: We’re currently submitting to more festivals! Recently we got into the Edmonton Short Film Festival, in October, and it’s also in the Palm Springs International Animation Festival in November. So, we’re still submitting to more and more festivals, and hopefully it makes the circuit.

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