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Condemned CBE trustee candidate attempts online apology

Karen Draper took to Facebook for the first time since Sunday when she made two controversial posts about the LGBTQ community

Karen Draper is a candidate for CBE trusteeship in Wards 12 and 14.

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Karen Draper is a candidate for CBE trusteeship in Wards 12 and 14.

A Calgary Board of Education candidate who is under intense scrutiny for her comments regarding Sunday’s alleged terror attack in Edmonton—that pointed the finger at the LGBTQ community— has apologized, sort of.

Karen Draper is running for public school trustee in Wards 12 and 14, and on Sunday she posted on Facebook saying:


People online were quick to condemn Draper for her “hateful” comments, with many saying she’s unfit to hold a position in public office—especially where the education of youth is involved.


The post has since been commented on nearly 900 times and shared nearly 1,000.

The following day, Draper doubled down on her thoughts with another post where she called out the LGBTQ for counter-protesting things she supports such as M103 open borders and “Islamic terrorism.”

“The LGBTQ in the area are also members of Antifa the masked domestic terrorist group so Maybe some of you should think about how you represent your group,” she wrote.

Then, on Wednesday, Draper posted for the first time since last Sunday, seemingly apologizing.

“I am sorry that I have upset so many people. Regardless of all the commenters, I really am not homophobic, racist, or a Nazi,” she wrote. “My post was not out of hate for individuals of the LGBT. It was because your group supports bringing in thousands of more refugees.”


When reached over the phone by Metro to ask about her most recent post, Draper said the following:

“I’m apologizing for how much emotional distress it has caused anyone. Like I said in that post, I don’t discriminate against people who are LGBTQ. It’s more that over the last couple weeks because of my oppositions to things like Sogi123 and the GSAs in our schools, I have been experiencing quite a bit of harassment from members of their community," she said.

"The way I related their group to the attack in Edmonton, is in regards to the fact that they promote the open borders and the refugees and with them no one is illegal—and types of messages like that, that I’ve seen.


"It is unfair that I generalized the whole LGBTQ community, but my post was actually directed to a few people I was battling with and for it to go viral and the way it exploded I never even imagined."

Draper went on to reiterate her opposition to Sogi123 and GSAS, saying her focus isn't on the school system's minority groups given the poor economy and tight education budgets.

"No one is trying to say they have no rights, or take them away at all. But to be fair to the other 97 per cent of the population, we can’t focus on it," she said.

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