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Thus Spoke will speak to audiences at Calgary FluidFest

The show combines philosophy with a rockin’ presentation

Hendrix meets Nietzsche meets rock and roll meets pop art.

You ain’t seen philosophy like this before.

Created by Montreal duo Étienne Lepage and Frédérick Gravel, Thus Spoke is like hearing someone think out loud while a dancer adds his own entanglement of movement.

“The show confirms the richness of anti-conformist sentiment coming out of the new wave in Montreal,” said Mark Lawes, Theatre Junction’s Artistic Director, where the show will play during this year’s FluidFest.

The show was first created in 2013 and was performed in French, through now it has been translated. The show does really take off from the philosophic style of Nietzsche, who's known for his writings around nihilism, truth, morality, language, aesthetics and more.

But it’s presented in an exciting and physical way – this is philosophy rock n’ roll, people.

“The theme might be bringing ideas to absurdity, or a criticism,” Gravel explained. “But it’s not about criticizing people. There’s no message in the show. It’s about thinking out loud, and how thinking brings people to their own contradictions. We never explain things to the audience – the audience witnesses people thinking and experiencing something.”

Gravel stresses it’s not about telling the audience how to think or to walk away with something specific. It’s about considering what’s in front of you and watching it unfold.

In that sense, Thus Spoke is a hard show to describe. Yet, it’s been met with critical acclaim since its 2013 premiere. Even before the piece took to the stage, Lepage was emerging as a writer who rejected the status quo, and Gravel spent a decade making his mark as a dance artist.

But despite the deep thought implied by philosophy, Gravel promises it will be a quite humorous experience as well.

Check out Thus Spoke as part of the Calgary Fluid Festival – a festival dedicated to movement and stories through dance. For more information, visit

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