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Former Calgary transit employee with masters in education running for CBE trusteeship

There are nine people running for trustee in Wards 12 and 14

Ahmad holds a bachelor degree in math and a masters in science and one in education.

Contributed / Muzaffar Ahmad

Ahmad holds a bachelor degree in math and a masters in science and one in education.

A former City of Calgary transit employee with a bachelor degree and two masters degrees, including one in education, would like to help transform transportation at the Calgary Board of Education as a member of the board of trustees.

Muzaffar Ahmad is running for CBE trusteeship in Wards 12 and 14.

He said his experience as a transit employee would serve the board well.

“I have good relationships there, so I would work with them to help out the public system to get more buses available and hopefully work to resolve other issues with transportation,” he said.

Ahmad said he knows money is always an issue, and he’d advocate spending more in areas of need—like transportation—while also cutting back elsewhere.

But, Ahmad said more than anything, it’s about coming up with a better plan for routes, pickups and route sharing.

“More time in the classroom and less time in travel,” he said.

Overall, Ahmad said the main thing he’s focuses on—and that pertains to all issues—is better communication with the board and parents.

“My goal is to bring better understanding to the parents of how things work at the board and school system,” he said.

Ahmad said if elected he’d attend parent council meetings in his wards, as well as set up times for phone calls and in-person meetings with parents to listen and help address their concerns.

Now retired, Ahmad said he’s got time to focus his energy on the CBE, and said he’s qualified to do the job.

“I also want to contribute to society and help out in my community,” he said.

Further, Ahmad said he’s got pertinent experience since he’s also been a teacher and helped open a community school.

“That school went from 60 students to 1,400 students,” he said. “I negotiated with the public school system and now that school is under the public system in Palliser.”

Ahmad said he'd also like to bring what he's learned in curriculum building courses at the University of Calgary to his role as trustee to help advocate for change.

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