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DJ Shub and the future of PowWowStep

The former Tribe Called Red member plays at the National Music Centre

DJ Shub plays at the National Music Centre for Halloween Weekend.


DJ Shub plays at the National Music Centre for Halloween Weekend.

This Halloween weekend is getting a dose of PowWowStep with DJ Shub (formerly of A Tribe Called Red) playing a special set at Studio Bell After Hours on Oct. 27. The lights go down, the tunes turn up and the setting gets a little spooky.

DJ Shub sat down with Metro to chat about his frame of mind before the show. For more information, visit

Q: It’s been almost a year since the PowWowStep EP came out — what have you been working on?

I put a lot of projects on my plate this year, just to keep busy and kind of see what my limits are as far as making music. I got some new smokedance collaborations happening, obviously the new set for next year’s touring schedule and at the same time I’m collaborating with another producer from Winnipeg, his name is Boogey the Beat. A music video as well, there’s a lot of stuff happening.

Q: Through your career, with A Tribe Called Red and your solo stuff, how has the market grown for this type of music?

I think it’s going really good. As far as the genre of PowWowStep, it’s still pretty new. We started in 2009 and 2010 is when we really began releasing stuff, so, it’s only been seven years since this music has been around. I’ve gone around to different folk festivals and performed and there’s still people who have never heard this kind of music before.

And now you’re seeing PowWow being created with different genres of music. You have all these subgenres of PowWowStep, which is really cool, because it’s one of the biggest things I wanted to see when we first started this music.

Q: To expand on that — it feels like there’s a lot of cross genre mixing going on in all kinds of music. Do you see that as the future of the industry?

Yeah, you know, I really believe that now-a-days the attention span of the music listener is really quick. Before people stuck with a genre for a long time, but now with social media and how quick things are released, people are kind of wanting the new thing.

In a way it’s good, because it keeps producer’s like me on their toes. It’s constantly getting me to think outside the box, like, where can I go next with this?

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