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Looking for a scare? Calgary's newest Halloween haunts

The city's first 3D haunted house

Jesse Allen (left) and Alyson Turnbull inside the clown room at Grim Manor.

Jennfier Friesen / For Metro

Jesse Allen (left) and Alyson Turnbull inside the clown room at Grim Manor.

Now located in the former Sears at Marlborough Mall, Grim Manor has expanded to hold two haunted houses – including the city’s first completely 3D haunted house.

The whole thing is elaborately designed with special paint, and guests wear 3D glasses as they wander through. The paint and moving pieces are designed to pop out at you, creating chilling and visually thrilling effect.

Then there’s the updated Grim Manor itself, which is more of a traditionally scary haunted house. Actors (really, enthusiastic volunteers who are in it purely for the fun) pop out in various themed rooms. There's a special claustrophobia hallway that pushes against you as you force your way through, leading to a creepy clown room.

Grim Manor is created by the same people behind Confined Escape Rooms, so there are tons of special effects, hydraulics and technology at play here.

“A lot of people zip through, but there is a story, like the dining room there’s cannibals, and their dinner guests were this mother and daughter,” explained marketing manager Alyson Turnbull, with a devilish grin.

The overall story involves Professor Grim, who discovers that the link to immortality lies with a witch who was killed in the Salem Witch Trials. She was hung and her bones were scattered across the earth.

The first 3D haunted house is a search for the bones, with each room representing a different place on earth. The second haunted house is the titular Grim’s manor, after he released the witch’s power.

Here you’ll find disembowelments, singing twins and – of course – the clowns, who are known you chase you down the hall if you choose to take the emergency exit.

“Our clown actors are so intense,” said Turnbull. “Once the clown makeup goes on, they’re in character until like the next day.”

There are also stage performances by Comedy Daredevils Ryan Stock & Amberlynn (to give the horror actors a chance to drink some water and grab a lozenge).

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Grim Manor isn’t the only new and updated horror attraction this year. Check out these other options during your Halloween weekend:

Haunted House Hamlet (SUBHEAD, BOLD)

Artists’ Collective Theatre partners with A/maze Escape Room to produce a special terrifying version of Hamlet. It’s four hours of text performed simultaneously by eight artists on three stages. Follow along where you choose and piece together this reimagining of the story.

Canmore Cave Tours (SUBHEAD, BOLD)

If you prefer your chills outdoors, check out Halloween Horror in the Cave, held in the heart of Rat’s Nest Cave. There is music, stories and more, but most chillingly, deep inside the cave, there will be a film screening of The Descent – in which cave explorers are killed by underground monsters.

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