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Calgary's Voltage garage zeroing in on new home

The artist collective, known for its popular mural, was forced to close in August.

Voltage Creative Garage's previous location in Marda Loop, Calgary.

Aaron Chatha / Metro

Voltage Creative Garage's previous location in Marda Loop, Calgary.

About two months after its closure in Marda Loop, Voltage Creative is close to finding a new home.

The idea behind the project was to give artists and creatives an affordable space to experiment and learn.

“We’re supporting artists as they’re stepping up into a major art career,” said co-founder Andrea Llewellyn. “We give artists a chance to get that first leg up, that first studio experience outside of their home.”

They also offered space to sculptors, digital and other types of artists, with a rental space for classes, meetings, photographers and more.

More widely, the Voltage building became known as a popular selfie spot, thanks to a changing mural on their wall, affixed with a sign that said “Wake me when we’re famous.”

They had been renting the building through a special deal that unfortunately expired, and now the group is raising funds to move into their new home.

Through the month of November, they’ll be hosting art auctions through their Instagram page (@voltagegarage). This includes art pieces from members, and special memorabilia, like bricks from the former mural wall.

“They’re rad – they actually have layered paint on them and are the perfect size for a really heavy desk weight or something you’d put on a wall somewhere,” gushed Ian Brooks, member of the Voltage leadership.

The location of their new home is still a surprise, but Voltage will be hosting a fundraiser and announcement night on Nov. 17.

The work for sale will be from up-and-coming artists connected to Voltage.

“These are people where, in a few years, their stuff will be completely out of range for the average buyer,” Llewellyn said.

Keep an eye on for more details.

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