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Calgary feminist arts fest Femme Wave announces 2017 events

A cabaret, a block party - and car maintenance

Musician Sammus will headline and also lead a panel discussion.


Musician Sammus will headline and also lead a panel discussion.

Not just a music festival, Femme Wave 2017 has announced a wave of cool events for this year’s festival. Artistic director Kaely Cormack ran us through some of her favourites.

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The Workshops

I’m really excited, because we have a workshop coordinator this year, and she opened up a call for submissions. That was really cool; it was more reaching out to the community and seeing what the community can offer.

One of the workshops I’m really excited about is a car maintenance workshop. It’s very practical and not really set in the arts, but they’ve been doing them at the women’s centre and – our workshop is for everyone – but it is meant to be a safe space for women and trans people to learn about cars. There’s been a ton of really positive feedback about it.

Then I’m also really excited for a panel called Finding Your Voice. It’s going to have going to have Sammus on it, who’s our headlining musician from Philadelphia. She’s going to be speaking loosely about how she’s coming to be the artist that she is – she’s really cool, interesting and smart. She’s a PhD student and a self-identified nerd and gamer.

She’s going to be doing a panel along with a few other people.

The Kick-off Cabaret

I’m super stoked about the cabaret. This will be the first time we’ve had all four disciplines of art in one night. We’ve got visual arts, comedy, film and music all in one venue.

It really is the perfect thing to go to if you want a taste of what Femme Wave is all about.

The Block Party

It’s totally different from anything we’ve done in previous years – we’re really changing things up this year to bring in new audiences and communities.

The block party is at Truck Gallery and Emmedia, which are both over by the Sunalta train station. It’s got a bit of everything too.

Two DJs will be performing, and one of them has a really cool visual production element to her set. We’ve got visual arts being showcased up stairs at Truck in their U-Hall space.

Then at Emmedia we’ve got a film panel. Then we’re doing a loop of shorts.

Everything is free or pay-what-you-can, and it’s set up as a block party where you can come and go through the various spaces.

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