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Calgary's Village Brewery teams up with Market Collective for creative beers

The unique beer labels will be featured in the winter variety pack

This bottle label was designed by Bec Kilpatrick.

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This bottle label was designed by Bec Kilpatrick.

This season’s Village Variety pack is beautiful.

And we’re not talking about the beer – we’re talking about the bottles.

Calgary’s Village Brewery partnered with Market Collective to create distinctive beer labels for the company’s annual winter variety pack.

Market Collective put out a call and selected 24 local artists to create designs for the labels.

“What’s really cool is there are different mediums – so there’s photographers, painters, some clothing designers, so there’s a bit of everything,” said Jackson Stuart, Village marketing manager.

“As a curatorial team, we went through all of the applications, really looking to put together a cohesive body of work that also let each individual artist shine and show their own personal spark,” added Market Collective co-founder Angel Guerra.

Some of the selected artists include:

Mandy Stobo, who is famous for her ‘bad’ portraits, where Calgarians send in a picture and she paints it in her own off-beat style.

Katie Green, who is well known for her evocative building murals.

Philip Kanwischer, a wildlife photographer who captures animal interactions with humans.

Jason Blower, an illustrator known for his playful and positive creators

And 20 others talented artists.

“I think us and Village do different things, of course, but the common bond is that we both really care about supporting the community around us,” Guerra explained.

“For us it was really important, because outside of the market, we generally are always looking for ways to further support the artists and connect them to the community.

“Just knowing the winter box will get these beers into the hands of 50,000 people and connect them with the artists we’ve been working with for years was just a really good way for us to give back to the artists for the support they’ve shown us.”

In the past Village Brewery has reached out to individual artists to lend a hand with seasonal brew labels, but this is the largest endeavour yet.

The bottles are already on store shelves and will remain available until April of next year.

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