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Calgary emerging dancers step up for tandem performance

Project in Tandem presents Life Signs and Residue

Choreographers Sylvie Moquin (centre), Matthew Hall (left) and Meghann Michalsky inside the Pumphouse Theatre

Jennifer Friesen / For Metro

Choreographers Sylvie Moquin (centre), Matthew Hall (left) and Meghann Michalsky inside the Pumphouse Theatre

To keep emerging talent in Calgary, we must give artists a platform to explore and grow.

That’s the impetus behind Project in Tandem – two back-to-back multi-disciplinary dance performances going up this weekend. Created by a set of artists who have trained and explored the festival scene, the two shows offer a unique eye not only into human connection, but potentially what the future arts stars of Calgary can do on a local stage, without having to take their talents out of province to find work.

Jennifer Friesen / For Metro


Created by Meghann Michalsky and Matthew Hall, Residue questions one’s sense of individuality, identity and perception in a society that demand conformity.

The journey is about connecting with oneself, coming to terms with a fearful future and being okay with sitting and silence and being with yourself.

“Our process and the movement creation came a lot from trying to recreate a cyclic thought that you can’t turn off in your mind,” said Michalsky.

“It ends with them finally being able to turn that off.”

The piece features two dancers who double as film actors. Footage projected over their performance, along with voice over, to support the narrative.

Jennifer Friesen / For Metro

Vital Signs

Choreographer Sylvie Moquin began with an investigation of vital signs: heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure and body temperature.

The three dancers explore the sensation of vital signs – from feeling your pulse to shallow breathing - as they strengthen their desires to tune into each other.

“It became a lot about, not scientifically about vital signs, but, how those affect us on an emotional level as humans,” Moquin said.

Like Residue, Vital Signs is presented with a number of neat visual flairs, like UV lights revealing glowing lifelines along the dancers bodies.

Jennifer Friesen / For Metro

Emerging artists

The dancers and choreographers involved in the shower aren’t new – they’re on their way up. Hall said there’s not a whole lot of platforms for dancers at their level in Calgary – which is why the talent often leaves elsewhere to find work.

With this show, these choreographers hope to add to the scene – convince talent to stay, and show Calgarians that there’s some beautiful work being put together that’s worth seeing and supporting.

“I believe this show offers a very intimate moment in time,” said Moquin. “Hopefully people will see a little of themselves in both works, and hopefully it will touch a chord for them. They’re showcasing very real, human moments and we want to share that.”

Vital Signs and Residue run at the Pumphouse Theatre from Nov. 9 to 11. For more information, visit

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