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Okotoks home owner's doorbell video leads to capture of alleged invader

Chris Mitchell had installed his Ring Doorbell Video system just a week and a half before the attempted break and enter

This woman was caught on camera by Chris Mitchell's Ring Video Doorbell attempting to pick his lock.


This woman was caught on camera by Chris Mitchell's Ring Video Doorbell attempting to pick his lock.

An Okotoks man whose new video doorbell security system helped catch a thief says the system pays for itself with the peace of mind it gives him and his family.

Chris Mitchell said in late October his phone—which he’d recently connected to the Ring Video Doorbell system—notified him that someone was at his door.

“It was 1:17 a.m., I know that because the system told me,” he said. “We noticed there was a girl out there trying to unlock our front door. I went downstairs and by that time she’d left the door and was in my truck.”

Mitchell said it wasn’t until the next day he realized she’d broken into his truck and stolen a few things. He said the fact that the woman tried to enter his home is the most unnerving.

“It’s kind of frightening that someone would try to enter the house while you’re actually in there and who knows what they would have done if they’ve gotten inside,” he said.

Mitchell said in the end, the high-quality infrared video that was captured by his Ring doorbell, helped police catch the thief.

Since the incident, Mitchell has decided to install two more systems to his home—one of the same at the back door and an infrared camera on his garage.

“My wife and daughter wouldn’t even be staying at home if we didn’t have it,” he said, adding that the situation had spooked them.

The alarm company said it’s their mission to help keep neighbourhoods safe - and the video account of the incident helped local authorities.

“The police were able to track down the people in question and take them off the streets before they could strike again,” an emailed statement read.

Mitchell said he’d only installed the Ring system a week and a half before when he was changing all the locks on his home.

“It wasn’t up long before it actually paid for itself,” he said.

According to a police report, the vehicle used in the theft was stolen, and thanks to the video police were able to identify the woman who attempted to break into Mitchell’s home.

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