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Calgary startup enhances business learning through AI

Bootkik aims to help you learn only the skills you need to succeed

CAL INNOVATION Bootkik co-founder Leighton Healey


CAL INNOVATION Bootkik co-founder Leighton Healey

So you want to learn a new skill to help your business – awesome!

There are thousands of videos, classes and tutorials online to help you learn.

The problem is, there are thousands of videos, classes and tutorials online – which makes it hard to choose which is best for you.

To help out, Calgary entrepreneurs Travis Martin and Leighton Healey have created a platform called Bootkik, which is an artificial intelligence driven business learning app.

The program identifies what goals you have for your business and the skills you need to get there, and then makes recommendations on what course is best for you.

What struck Martin is that in the age of the internet, where there has been a huge rise in the amount of information available, success rates among startups have not increased as dramatically.

“The issue is not a lack of information, the issue is a lack of navigation. People just don’t know what to do and when,” said Martin. “You can have all the ingredients for a cake, but if you put them in the wrong order, it’s going to mess up your cake. So, that’s the idea behind Bootkik – a roadmap for entrepreneurs.”

In creating Bootkik, the team interviewed more than 80 entrepreneurs and businesses across Canada, including Brett Wilson, Manjit Minhas, Uber and iStock Photo.

The app will not only recommend videos, but offer Bootkik skill videos and test you on your knowledge. This brings a gamefication aspect to Bootkik, and encourages users to continue learning new skills.

The app is currently on Kickstarter raising funds to help get the product out into the world (they’ve already hit half their goal within a few days) and they’ve been selected as one of this year’s Launch Party Showcase Companies.

Launch Party, hosted by Startup Calgary, highlights some of the most promising startups in the city.

“Bootkik and in particular Leighton pitched well, connecting with the audience and judges,” explained Startup Calgary executive director Kari Gordon. “The gamified online learning platform aimed at small or medium sized enterprises is a product that everyone can grasp: The nuts and bolts of how to build a business tailored to the user.”

Bootkik was one of 12 companies chosen for this year’s event. Healey and Martin previously have been known for the Made in Calgary campaign, which spotlights locally made businesses and products with signage and pop up stores. Martin hopes the Bootkik app will help more small businesses flourish in Calgary.

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