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Notes and colour: Calgary abstract film sets up phantasmagoric journey

Candy's Fortune is made entirely with music and light

An abstract shot of Sebastian Jarmula and Jamal Hamadeh set against their abstract film, Candy's Fortune.


An abstract shot of Sebastian Jarmula and Jamal Hamadeh set against their abstract film, Candy's Fortune.

Artist Sebastian Jarmula’s newest project is unattached to any narrative – or really any traditional structures of film.

Instead what he’s created, with the help of composer Jamal Hamadeh, is 16 minutes of morphing music and colour. If there are any characters, they’re only present in the form of notes and hues. Still, however, the project drips with emotion.

Candy’s Fortune is an abstract piece that will play on loop at the Globe Cinema later this month, inviting viewers to drop on and let the experience wash over them.

“There isn’t really a narrative, like a storyline, but there is a narrative structure to the images and music and how they flow together,” Jarmula said. “I think that the way it builds up and progresses, it offers a certain experience watching it that’s a little bit different.”

Jarmula accomplished the visual effects by building a special rig that spins and moves light. He captured hours of video while Hamadeh created an ambient score. Then, meeting once a week over the course of several months, they started to build a piece that incorporated different emotional directions, through the use of colour, editing speed and certain sounds and tones.

“I think it’s always good to have work that doesn’t necessarily have a sense of meaning or commentary or character or politics,” Jarmula said. “I would say this piece does, to a certain extent, have an objective, but I think it’s a little bit more of a subjective result.”

As an artist, Jarmula is no stranger to the abstract.

Earlier this year, his photo series I Am So Emulsional was featured in the Exposure Photo Festival. He shot images of summertime in Calgary, but then altered them in the dark room with unusual fluids – like a jar of juice – while developing them, to create surrealistic effects.

Candy’s Fortune will screen on Nov. 27 from 8 to 9 p.m. at the Globe Cinema. The event is free and attendees are invited to stay for as short or as long as they like, as the film will be set on a loop.

Jarmula hopes it will take audiences on a phantasmagoric journey.

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