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Calgary makes waves in Internet of Things tech

Local energy companies just returned from pitching the city to Silicon Valley startups

The aim of the summit was the sell Calgary to IoT startups


The aim of the summit was the sell Calgary to IoT startups

Calgary is making serious waves in the Silicon Valley as it moves to embrace more technology around the Internet of Things.

Representatives from Calgary Economic Development, along with a few local energy companies, just returned from an Internet of Things Summit in the valley, where the aim was to sell startup companies on the potential of Calgary’s energy sector.

Many of these startups are invested in Internet of Things technology – which is, simply put, the free communication between different devices, regardless of brand or make, allowing an easier flow of data.

Robyn Bews with Calgary Economic Development has been working to elevate Calgary’s profile within the U.S. for years – and the summit proved there was a real eagerness to work with this technology in the field.

“When you look at the Internet of Things and the opportunity to digitize the energy sector, it’s really exciting,” she said. “You can deploy sensors that can do all kinds of things in the field that once required manpower.”

Bews feels if more innovations were made in extracting oil and gas in cost-effective, sustainable ways, that Calgary represents a $45 billion untapped market.

“The VC (Venture Capital firm) we worked with said they’ve never had a group of startups stay in the room as late as this group stayed in the room with the team we brought down,” Bews recalled.

Robin Bell with Calgary-based Long View Systems attended the summit and was surprised by how many connections he was able to make.

“I really didn’t have any specific outcome other than I wanted to understand what others were doing with IoT, but the results were well beyond my expectations,” he said.

The summit was enough of a success that Bews and Calgary Economic Development will actually host the 2018 one in Calgary. Bews said it will have the specific goal of bringing these tech companies to Calgary so companies can present problems and find solution.

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