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Romans to sci fi; Calgary's Loose Moose busts out 'best of' for Chrismoose Carol

This year's annual show will take the casts favourite scenes from 20 years of performances

Don't doubt your eyes, one year the Loose Mooser's even used puppets.

Courtesy Dennis Cahill

Don't doubt your eyes, one year the Loose Mooser's even used puppets.

Back in 1996, the hilarious crew at Loose Moose theatre performed their version of a Christmas Carol, dubbed a Chrismoose Carol.

Of course, by the time 1997 rolled around they were already bored. So they decided to change things up, and over the years they’ve performed the Charles Dickens classic as a western, a medieval play, a Roman inspired adventure (complete with a chariot race) and even taking things into the far-flung future of science fiction.

This year, instead of doing one of those – they’re doing all of them.

Yep, this year Loose Moose presents The Best of a Chrismoose Carol. Every scene will be a different genre or time period.

It’s as fun as it is exhausting.

“It was one of those things that’s a funny idea on paper, and now they that we’re in rehearsal, wow, it’s a funny idea, but boy … because there’s also shifts in time periods, the costume changes are even more important,” laughed artistic director Dennis Cahill, who typically plays Scrooge.

Most actors will take on 20 to 30 characters over the course of the play, meaning there will be a manic dash to change between every scene transition.

The show will star many talents who have joined Loose Moose over the years, but only Cahill and Rob Mitchelson have been there since the start.

“For us, I think it’s even more special,” smiled Cahill. “We’re making references to some scenes we’ve done back in 1998. Lots of good memories with this show.”

As it's Loose Moose's 40th anniversary, a look back at the greatest hits has been a running theme this year.

It’s not just genre changes the cast have played with over the decades either. For example, one year they would have the audience choose who played Scrooge every night.

For a cast of improvisers, these risks come natural – the show is structured, but with some wiggle room to fool around.

Although they’ve dropped some hints, as always, the complete genre list will be a secret until the show goes up.

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