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Dave Kelly celebrates Christmas the Calgary way in latest live show

Dave Kelly Live ends the year with Paul Brandt and a bigger venue

CAL 08 Dave Kelly in rehearsals for the show for Dave Kelly Live. Uploaded by: Chatha, Aaron

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CAL 08 Dave Kelly in rehearsals for the show for Dave Kelly Live. Uploaded by: Chatha, Aaron

Dave Kelly’s annual live show has already cemented itself as a unique and whimsical celebration of Calgarians, through performances, games, stories and interviews. As the city heads into the holidays, Kelly is amping up for one of his biggest shows yet – the Home, A Calgary Christmas edition of Dave Kelly Live, taking place on Dec. 9.

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Q: What’s in store for the Christmas edition?

A: There’s a few surprises I can’t give away as far as what’s going to happen, but it’s going to be fun, musical, hilarious, completely scripted but completely upside down show.

Q: What makes the annual Christmas edition so special?

A: I think part of it is because so many people come to Calgary from somewhere else, we want to say how can someone of us who aren’t necessarily from here have a really Calgary party? We called it Home, A Calgary Christmas, and the point of that is a lot of people, like me, were born somewhere else and were raising kids here, so we had to find a way to make this a home, even thought it’s not where we grew up.

The point of the show is to make a fun, Calgary Christmas about inviting everybody to turn it into a holiday.

Q: And this year you’re in a bigger venue, in the Jubilee.

A: It’s crazy. It’s going to be in a big space, but it’s still going to be a small show, in that it’s me and the audience hanging out. We happen to have A Hundred Young Comedians, Paul Brandt, a live band, Hayley Wickenheiser, Mandy Stobo – who’s this incredible, international renowned artist, Jim Button – the great Jim Button who runs Village Brewery – so it’s like a house party that exploded with 200 people.

Q: What makes Paul Brandt such a great feature?

A: Well, here’s the fun thing we’re telling people now: Paul met his wife Liz when he saw her singing at a Christmas concert 20 years ago. Liz is going to be singing with him at the show Saturday. So if you want to see the real magic of Paul’s life – his wife and family – she’s going to be there singing with him for this show. Isn’t that fun?

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