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Calgary fashion blogger swings open her personal closet for holiday market

Ania B leads the annual Park Holiday Market

Blogger Ania B is often stages her blog photographs throughout Calgary and locations around the world.

Ania & Tyler Stalman

Blogger Ania B is often stages her blog photographs throughout Calgary and locations around the world.

Step inside the closet of one of Calgary’s most prominent fashion bloggers: Ania Boniecka, or simply Ania B to her readers.

Her fashion blog includes photoshoots from around the world with more designer items than Boniecka can handle – so at this year’s annual Park Holiday Market, she’s opening up her closet for sale, to give readers a taste of the fashion blogger’s style and lifestyle.

“I’m not trying to profit on it, I’m just trying to get rid of stuff I have,” she laughed. “A lot of it is designer stuff that we bought for a photoshoot … I end up keeping a lot of things. There’s an endless amount of reasons these things end up at the sale.”

Ania & Tyler Stalman

It might include a bag she picked up in Seattle, or an $800 dress she wore once for a photoshoot in LA (now sold for $150).

Boniecka has been involved in fashion since she started modelling at 14, and the blog was born out of her love for the industry.

“I’ve always tried to seek out ways to work in the industry, in one way or another,” she explained. “I never thought I’d be able to make a career out of it, especially in Calgary. But then blogging was born and I started my blog while working in an office. Something to kill time.

“Then it progressed over the years, and I met Tyler (Stalman, photographer) and we turned the camera on me because it was easier to take photos that way – we were always together.”

Ania & Tyler Stalman

Of course Boniecka isn’t the only highlight of the annual Park Holiday Market.

There will also by ParkShop’s own brands, which are sold through partnerships with notable designers like Kate Hewko, Malika Rajani and Rebecca King.

Plus jewellery designer Hillberg & Berk, Albertan men’s accessories company Adesso Accessories and more local and Canadian fashion vendors.

The market takes place Dec. 14 to 16 at The Guardian residential towers.

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