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Calgary councillor wants answers on landfill schedule tweaks

The City of Calgary has been making changes on landfill hours to help keep revenues in line with expenditures

The City of Calgary has been tweaking its landfill hours to better serve citizens.

Courtesy City of Calgary / Calgary Staff

The City of Calgary has been tweaking its landfill hours to better serve citizens.

More changes in the city's landfill hours has one councillor raising a stink over the city's rationale behind tweaks.

Last week, the City of Calgary announced more changes in the landfill schedules after nearly a year of reduced hours as the city department grapples with revenue shortfalls. In January it was announced that the city's landfills would move to four-day-a-week service, staggered through the week to ensure dumps were all open.

But the change didn't go over well with citizens and industry.

Starting Feb. 5, 2018, the Spyhill and East Calgary landfills will expand to six days of operation per week, Monday through Saturday, while Shepard Landfill will be open for industrial waste only from Tuesday to Friday. Between April and October, the East Calgary landfill will open up for seven-day a week service.

Ward 12 Coun. Shane Keating, whose ward houses the Shephard Landfill, asked administration about the level of customer service with yet another change in the landfill schedules.

"I'm wondering when we have a change in service if we're going to get a rationale that's more detailed," said Keating. "Or did we look at alternatives."

Keating said he thinks there are many ways the city can look at the services they offer to citizens while still living with expenses.

"We think this arrangement will better serve us for the foreseeable future," said acting general manager of the city's Utilities & Environmental Protection, Dan Limacher. He added they would be following up in the new year about results.

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