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Video: Watch as grinch takes every last gift on Calgary stoop

Woman warns citizens to have packages delivered safely to a post office; she was at home the time of the theft

This package thief couldn’t even resist the smallest gift before taking off. The victim, Deanna Brousseau, is urging residents to have packages delivered to a post office.


This package thief couldn’t even resist the smallest gift before taking off. The victim, Deanna Brousseau, is urging residents to have packages delivered to a post office.

Even though the weather outside may be frightful, unattended packages are, for a thief, still delightful.

And with online shopping an easy way to stay out of the bustling malls, some Calgarians may see their holiday cheer go missing.

It’s not often you catch the Grinch on video, making away with a stack of holiday gifts, but after Deanna Brousseau saw the delivery man leave her packages at the door, she was surprised to find an empty stoop only moments later on Wednesday morning.

Brousseau took longer to collect her deliveries even though she was at home when the Purolator man came to visit because she was upstairs changing her nine-month-old son.

And then she got a sickening feeling when the clip she pulled from her security camera caught a young man in action as he piled her Amazon Prime packages high, stooping to nab one last envelope from her porch before he stabled the lopsided pile with his chin and made off with the family’s gifts.

“I thought, are you kidding me?” Brousseau said. “In that envelope, I had a custom picture frame made for my husband because it’s our first Christmas as new parents ... I’m pretty sure that would be it.”

She said she felt violated because she was at home, but couldn​‘t really do anything to stop it at the time.

“I feel guilty, I was at home, I guess I could have grabbed my son to get my packages,” Brousseau said. “I just feel, I just feel crummy about it.”

She reported the incident to police right away, who told her they’ve been asking companies like FedEx and Purolator to keep packages with them if they don’t meet customers at the door.

Police weren’t able to provide any statistics on whether or not this type of theft is more prevalent this year, but are investigating this case and others like it.

Brousseau said she hopes neighbours and others see her video and reconsider getting their packages delivered to the door, even if they are at home.

After her husband contacted Amazon, she’ll be getting her packages back, but this time they’ll be delivered safe and sound to a nearby post office. According to the popular online-retailer, this is an option available to customers called Pickup Point.

But this service, and others like it, are actually gumming up the country’s post offices. On Friday, there were six across the country unable to accept new deliveries because online purchases were sitting waiting to be brought home.

There are groups like the Consumers’ Association of Canada who believe e-commerce companies are still ironing out the wrinkles in their relatively new services. Bruce Cran, president of the association said it’s not surprising that there are inefficiencies in the delivery process.

He believes that overall the number of packages being stolen is relatively small.

“Consumers love the convenience and at the moment, I don’t think there’s an immense danger in people looking to take deliveries,” Cran said.

“I don’t get the impression at the moment that it’s anywhere near the quantity that would prevent us from utilizing these services. We value being able to order on Thursday night and maybe get it on Friday morning.”

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