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Holding the door open could boost Calgary's economy

As site-selectors wind through the city, Calgary Economic Development says a friendly attitude goes a long way

An ad pumping up Calgary on the sidewalks of Seattle.

Courtesy CED

An ad pumping up Calgary on the sidewalks of Seattle.

Calgary Economic Development (CED) is inviting Calgarians to bring out their uber-Calagarian-ness this holiday season.

That means: hold open the door, give up your seat on transit or let drivers merge into your lane (and don’t forget to wave thanks if they do the same!).

After all, you never know who might be a site selector for a major corporation eyeing up Calgary for a new head office or branch.

“When they’re looking at location decisions, the hard facts have to line up first and foremost, but there has to be a community fit for the organization, that they’ll make a recommendation (for Calgary),” said Deana Haley, VP of client services with CED.

Basically, after the economics line up, companies want to make sure Calgary is a friendly place to live, so they can retain top tier talent in the city.

As a growing city, Haley said site selectors are often touring through Calgary, but most of these deals are happening quietly behind the scenes.

Right now, however, there are a few very high profile bids going on, including Amazon headquarters, so CED wanted to remind Calgarians that a little smile and eye contact with a stranger could actually make a huge difference for the city’s economy.

This is how Calgarians on the ground floor can make a difference for the city.

“People are often surprised at just how authentic and genuine it is when they get here,” Haley said.

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