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Calgary group needs Christmas miracle hamper box supplier

Alexandra Society hamper packing hinges on the help of a generous Calgarian

Hampers like these need a helping hand in Calgary.

Brad Pritchard/Metroland / melbourne, martin

Hampers like these need a helping hand in Calgary.

Feeling the holiday spirit? You may be able to help a group spread cheer this season.

Every year the Alexandra Centre Society in Inglewood comes together to fill hampers, but this year the charitable endeavour hit a snag: they lost their box supplier and this year they have a record number of boxes to fill.

In 2017, the Alexandra Centre will provide Christmas hampers to 110 families in their local service area. That's up from 91 families in 2016.

Before hamper packing day, said they need a total of 150 boxes. The sizes are 68 boxes sized 18x18x20 and 83 sized 12x16x18 inches.

If you or someone you know can help contact 403-269-5588 before the end of the day Monday.

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