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Calgary council rejects plan to increase Midfield compensation

Without a seconder, Coun. Jeromy Farkas' motion died on the floor

Midfield Park is slated to close on Sept. 30.

ELIZABETH CAMERON / Calgary Freelance

Midfield Park is slated to close on Sept. 30.

One councillor’s attempt to bring forward a vote on better compensation for evicted residents of Midfield Mobile Home Park failed miserably on the floor of council.

Coun. Jeromy Farkas moved his motion on the floor after a discussion behind closed doors.

No other councillor would second the motion, meaning it did not go to a vote.

Speaking after the meeting, Farkas said he didn’t take the rejection of his motion as a slight against him personally.

“I knew this was going to be an uphill battle but frankly I wasn’t afraid of losing, I was a afraid of living with myself if I didn’t try,” he said.

Farkas wanted to increase compensation to evicted residents, place tenants into Calgary Housing Company units if they required a place to stay, and release the city’s plans for the land.

Coun. Druh Farrell, the area councillor for Midfield Park, spoke after the failed motion to the city’s plans for the land, as well as what the city is doing for residents.

She said the city is already holding a number of homes with Calgary Housing Company to ensure nobody ends up on the street.

The city also continues to offer the Midfield closure package to remaining tenants, meaning nobody will be denied funding for not moving out before the deadline.

Some residents mounted a legal challenge against the city earlier this year. A judge ruled no rights had been violated when they were evicted.

Farrell said the city is not seeking to recoup its legal costs in that failed legal action.

“There are currently five tenants who have yet found alternate housing, and there are no plans for Midfield Park and we will not start the process until the land is vacant,” said Farrell.  

When asked by reporters if he believes the city on its future plans, Farkas hinted that he doesn’t buy that answer.

“At present, Calgarians have no way to know for sure given that there wasn’t any formal release of the information,” he said. “So unfortunately past that, I can’t speak to the future plans, which I think is a real shame.”

Mayor Naheed Nenshi stated for the record that no developers have expressed an interest in the land, and that city engineers are doing some preliminary design work.

"I've said many, many, many times that land will be developed eventually, but that's not the reason Midfield is closing," said Nenshi.

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