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Second Calgary Women's March planned for January 20

Organizers hope people will share video clips about why they are marching

Thousands of Calgarians gathered at City Hall to show solidarity with women in Washington, DC on Jan. 21, 2017.

Elizabeth Cameron / For Metro

Thousands of Calgarians gathered at City Hall to show solidarity with women in Washington, DC on Jan. 21, 2017.

It’s time to dust off those pussyhats and prepare for another show of solidarity.

Plans are now underway for the 2018 Calgary Women’s March.

The first march was held on Jan. 21 2017 - one of hundreds in cities and towns around the world. They were partly in response to the inauguration of President Donald Trump, and partly as a demonstration of women’s rights.

Anila Lee Yuen, a guest speaker at last year’s Calgary March and spokeswoman for this year’s event, said they’re not yet ready to release their list of speakers, but they do want to get people talking about the event, set for Jan. 20.

“We’ve created an online campaign,” she said. “We are asking people – men and women – to talk in a very brief video clip about why they are marching."

She said the clips can be shared on social media such as Twitter and Facebook with the hashtags #WhyIMarch and #WomensMarchYYC.

She said the clips should be about 20 seconds or less, and that organizers will highlight a featured clip each day on their Facebook page and twitter account - @wmyyc.

Esmahan Razavi, a 2016 council candidate and co-founder of Ask Her YYC which encouraged women to run for office, has been helping with the organization of the march this year.

“Ask her showed us the need for increased representation of women in politics and one of the reasons we will be marching on January 20th is because we believe it's important for women to have a voice at the table,” said Razavi. “With more women in decision making roles, particularly at city council, the legislature and parliament, we'll see forward movement on issues like safety, sexual harassment, violence against women and other issues that have traditionally been sidelined.”

Lee Yuen said organizers will have a better sound system this year to accommodate a larger crowd.

“Last year we were a little bit surprised - pleasantly surprised - by how many people showed up,” she said.

Organizers had been hoping for 500 or maybe 1,000 people to gather at Calgary City Hall and Olympic Plaza. The number was estimated at 5,000.

“When we just kept seeing the droves of people coming in - women and men, and children - it was just awe inspiring to see that.”

They’re planning to have women from a wide cross section of society speaking about their experiences.

“Everyone is welcome, women, men and children,” said Lee Yuen.

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