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Facebook partners with Calgary ticketing company

Showpass to become one of Facebook's first fully integrated ticketing partners

Showpass focuses on technology innovations to bring the most out of partner events.

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Showpass focuses on technology innovations to bring the most out of partner events.

Facebook just got the golden ticket.

The social media giant has partnered up with Calgary event ticketing company Showpass for official Facebook integration.

“It’s a great distribution partner for us and allows us to compete on a world stage,” said Showpass CEO Lucas McCarthy.

At first glance, Showpass may look like any other ticketing platform, but it’s the company’s focus on new tech that has allowed them to grow and carve out a space in the market, through features like complete website integration, real-time event scanning and merchandising through their platform.

McCarthy said the company is even looking into AR technology to integrate into events.

Based in Calgary, they handle ticketing for many local organizations like Cowboys or The Wedding Faire.

The partnership, which is through Facebook Canada, allows users to buy tickets for Showpass events directly through Facebook. Similar to Facebook ads, the events are marketed toward people who have show interest in similar events.

“Then it takes it one step further by actually allowing that customer to have the purchase process live right on Facebook,” McCarthy said.

That’s the real hook of the partnership – there’s no re-directing through to a separate website. The tickets, barcodes and transactions are all handled directly through Facebook, allowing users to easily access them, and not have to worry about compromised personal information (or yet another login credential) outside of the main Facebook page.

“Ticket sales today are about creating meaningful relationships with people instead of the simple, isolated transactions they used to be,” Yoav Zeevi, product manager for Facebook Events Ticketing, said in in a statement. “Facebook has a unique ability to help foster those relationships. So, our focus with ticketing on Facebook is to make that process easier for people and our partners. This partnership with Showpass is another way we're making buying and selling tickets easier for everyone.”

Showpass is one of Facebook's first native ticketing partners.

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