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Trash talking administration: One Calgary councillor hopes to better landfill service

Coun. Shane Keating wants answers before the city halts service at one of their three landfills.

Calgary's landfill hours are changing.

Courtesy City of Calgary / Calgary Staff

Calgary's landfill hours are changing.

One Calgary councillor is ready to get down and dirty over his constituents' access to one of the city's biggest landfills.

A notice of motion by Ward 12 Coun. Shane Keating is asking administration for some cold hard facts on why they've decided to close the Shepard facility to all traffic, except industrial waste customers and the city's green cart fleet, effective Feb. 5.

And until he gets those answers, he wants plans to cut trash access canned.

"We should never get into telling administration how and what to do," said Keating. "We see a bit of a difficulty here in this case as far as the service ... we need a solid explanation of why they're doing this."

He said he's waiting for answers on what alternatives to waste and recycling landfill schedules were considered before the schedule changes were announced and set into motion. He also wants to know why they chose Shepard landfill for the service rollback.

"Let's hold off on the changes," said Keating.

He said the city has to operate like a business but behave like a service organization. Keating is wondering though if these changes are the best way to service the entire south of Calgary.

"Are there things that can work, can we have transfer stations throughout the city, have large vehicles take the trash to the landfill?" said Keating. "There's a number of things I think we have to look at rather than just restricting our hours at the landfills and expecting everyone to come to us."

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