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Photos: Banff bison reach one year milestone

The reintroduction program will help Parks Canada establish best practices for bringing home the bison

In one year bison were busy having babies.

Courtesy / Parks Canada

In one year bison were busy having babies.

Bison in Banff are one step closer to roaming the park in freedom as a program to reintroduce the gentle giants reached its first year milestone.

On Feb. 1, 2017, Parks Canada made history with the reintroduction of 16 bison – the first hooves planted in Banff National Park in over a century. Now, one year and 10 healthy bison-babies later, the herd appears to be doing well in the western Alberta wild.

The program is a five-year plan to inform how the park can restore wild bison to Banff over the long-term.

In the first two years, the plan is to keep the herd in an enclosed pasture in the Panther Valley, so they can get used to their new surroundings. Then, in years three to five the bison will roam free in the remote eastern slopes of Banff.

The plan is to eventually have animals roam a 1,200 square kilometre reintroduction zone.

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