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Snow em' what you've got: Calgary underpass ready for truckloads of snow

will host its first sculpting party on Sunday

Ali McMillan and Alanna Murray hang out under the 4 Avenue flyover where there will be a snow party, Sunday.

Helen Pike / Metro

Ali McMillan and Alanna Murray hang out under the 4 Avenue flyover where there will be a snow party, Sunday.

While Calgarians cursed a wintry commute, one community group was happy to let it snow.

At the 4 Avenue Flyover, community organizers were waiting Thursday for a huge donation of snow from city workers, who had cleared it off the ice at the Olympic Plaza skating rink.

By Sunday, they hope the fluffy flakes will turn into perfect snowman-making material for the first annual sculpting competition at the Bridgeland-Riverside community hub.

There’s even a “throw down” competition between the neighbouring communities of Bridgeland and Renfrew to sculpt snow people, furniture, forts and whatever the imagination allows.


“When this does happen, this crazy storm, it kind of brings out the child in everybody,” said Ali McMillan, planning director for the Bridgeland Riverside Community Association. “Who doesn’t remember making a snowman and think it’s a fun thing to do?”

The 4 Avenue Flyover is a public space that is beginning to take shape with the help of community members and support from the city. So far, enthusiastic residents have set up the underpass with activities like table tennis — which has now been converted to an air-hockey table for winter.

For them, the city’s recent snowfall is a gift, offering a way to entice people outdoors. Alanna Murray, who lives in the area and has two teens and a 10-year-old, said it’s great to see children getting some fresh air.

“We’ve lived in the neighbourhood for a long time and it’s really nice to see the change with more and more kids being here,” Murray said. “When my kids were born they were the only kids on this side of the neighbourhood.”

McMillan said community members will be the judges, though the competition criteria isn’t too formal, and they will put pictures of the final creations on their Bridgeland Love Facebook page for final votes from the community.

The snow building competition is scheduled for 2 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 11.

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