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Ready, set, Zooniverse: Calgary's citizen-science link goes live

As Metro reported, the city is letting volunteers to go through thousands of animal photos and categorize them by species

It's time to start spying on Calgary's critters.

On Tuesday, the City of Calgary finally launched their citizen-science platform with a giant data dump of more than 115,000 photos for citizens to pore through and categorize on the website Zooniverse.

In 2017, the city began installing wildlife cameras in parks and shooting images of animals in their natural habitats. But the hundreds of thousands of photos are too many for one expert to go through alone – it would cost the city too much.

So, citizens now have a chance to go online and see the sights of 11 Calgary parks from the comfort of their homes, in their pyjamas if they so choose.

Once participants identify the same animal in a photo five to eight times, the images will be reviewed by the city before being added to their data pool.

The information will help Calgary's parks department plan for humans and wildlife.

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