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Spread the love: Inglewood and Ramsay-themed cards mean on Valentine's you're never alone

A Calgary woman is in love with her community, and she's not afraid to show it.

Tilly Van duyvendyk presents her neighbourhood-themed valentine to Caeli Steele who works at Rosso in Ramsay.

Helen Pike / Metro

Tilly Van duyvendyk presents her neighbourhood-themed valentine to Caeli Steele who works at Rosso in Ramsay.

Think you're alone for Valentine's day? Look around. At least that's what Tee Van duyvendyk did – and you know what? She found a lot of love.

She's crazy in love, actually, with two communities. One she moved to four years ago and another she's about to start a business in. That's why this year she decided to share the love with her neighbours, friends and the hood haunts in Inglewood and Ramsay she frequents most.

"There's lots of different things you can love," she said. "I love my dog and, my neighbourhood, I love ramen, I love all of these things."

Van duyvendyk said she was walking her pup and laughing at her own clever puns when the idea to create Valentine's for her neighbourhood struck her. So, she and a gal pal got to work and crafted 13 different cards, which she quickly copied and printed to share.

With a background in art the cards were hand painted originals she came up with sitting at a community coffee shop.

"It provides an opportunity to celebrate community and that feeling of feeling connected to one another," Van duyvendyk said.

On Tuesday, Van duyvendyk visited shops like the Alberta Corner Store, where she handed Kim the owner a card – the variety store is known in the area for having everything you need.

She booked it down to the Inglewood Rosso, where she gave some cards to show her love of their coffee.

And she brought another cute card to Brühe, the home of bone broth, kombucha and organic ice cream in Ramsay.

The rest are going into her little free art gallery for others to take and share. The gallery sits on 11 Street SE across the way from Red's.

Most of the cards are inside jokes about the community, and when she posted them on the various Facebook groups Inglewood and Ramsayites frequent, the comments rolled in – her post garnered more than 60 likes.

Van duyvendyk said these acts of gratitude are important, and she hopes other communities can take her idea and replicate it to bring people together.

While she's not celebrating with a human sweetheart, Van duyvendyk said it's her dog's birthday on Thursday and she's making a puppy peanut butter cake to celebrate.

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