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Calgary continues to lead flu-related deaths, hospitalizations

More than 2,400 people have been hospitalized with the flu in Alberta since August

This year’s extra-nasty flu continues to send Albertans to the hospital.

Last week, with at least two months left to go in the current influenza season, the number of flu-related deaths in the province surpassed last year’s total of 64.

According to Alberta Health Services' (AHS) data, 69 people with lab-confirmed influenza in their system have died across the province since data collection began in late August 2017 – and more than 2,400 have been hospitalized with the flu.

Most hospitalizations (950) were in Calgary, and 25 people have died in the city with lab-confirmed influenza in their system.

By contrast, Edmonton has had 781 hospitalizations due to the flu and 17 deaths.

Health officials with AHS have previously told Metro the strain of influenza circulating this year, A-H3, is particularly harsh for people 65 years of age and older.

Influenza season typically lasts until at least April. More than 1.2 million doses of the vaccine have been administered to Albertans so far this season.

AHS influenza immunization clinics, most pharmacies, and physician offices will be providing the flu shot for no cost to all Albertans six months of age or older until the end of March.

The vaccine takes two weeks to fully take effect.

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