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She said Yes! Happy ending for man's marriage proposal on Twitter

Hopeless romantics in Winnipeg were treated to a show on Twitter today, one that had a happy ending.

Local non-profit communicator Mike Duerksen embarked on a unique adventure, he live-tweeted his marriage proposal under the hashtag #MikeProposes.

According to his tweets, over 12 hours he took his girlfriend to eight different locations that had special meaning to their relationship. Followers were on pins and needles waiting to see if she said yes at the last location at the same place where Duerksen first asked his girlfriend out.

At just after 8:30 p.m. Friday evening, Duerksen got the answer he was hoping for — a resounding yes!

"I'm such a privileged man," Duerksen tweeted, and introduced the hastag #mikecelebrates.

The couple played Scrabble at the legislative building, went to Stella’s for breakfast and went to St. Boniface Cathedral.

Even though the weather was wet and rainy, Duerksen kept to his original plan of mostly outside dates, including the most important last one around a bonfire.

“I hope it doesn’t rain. I don’t have a Plan B,” Duerksen told Metro Winnipeg as he snuck away from his girlfriend to make the call from St. Andrew’s walk and dam where they had a picnic on Friday afternoon.

“She thinks I am just taking a washroom break.”


Duerksen decided to live-tweet his proposal as a way to keep his friends involved in the process. He said he had no idea how fast it would blow up, even to the point where his girlfriend noticed him on his phone.

“1st challenge: J. wants me to get off my phone and focus on our time together. #MikeProposes,” Duerksen tweeted out to followers.

“I’ve told her that I’ve been tweeting stuff out about our little day,” Duerksen said. “I’m confident she’ll say ‘yes’. Or else it will be a very public way to say ‘no’.”

Duerksen’s said his girlfriend, who also works in non-profit sector in Winnipeg, does not have Twitter and left her phone at home. She most likely has no idea about the following her upcoming proposal has gotten.

#MikeProposes was trending in Winnipeg by 11  a.m. Friday. People have been tweeted at Duerksen all day and wishing him luck on his adventure.

Metro Winnipeg congratulates Mike and Janelle!

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