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New app lists health advisories across Canada

TORONTO - A new app might prove useful to Canadians heading out on a road trip this summer and seeking timely health-related information along the way.

The free app for Apple devices offers up-to-date details on public health and environmental advisories across the country, says its developer Health & Safety Watch Inc.

“Everything can change very rapidly - for example a destination that had safe drinking water when you left on your road trip may actually be under a boil water advisory by the time you arrive,” says Jeff Aramini, company president and a former Health Canada senior public health epidemiologist.

The app shows local data based on a user's location. A search function also lets you plug in your itinerary.

The information comes from a variety of government agencies and departments. Among the listings are product, food and drug recalls across Canada, as well as public health inspection results for restaurants in Toronto.

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