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Show some PDA: It's International Kissing Day

Are you a fan of the PDA?

Friday is International Kissing Day, and a new survey from the matchmaking website has found the vast majority of Canadians have no problems puckering up in public.

Of the more than 1,163 Canadians surveyed, a whopping 93 per cent confessed they were fine with public displays of affection. Women are ever so slightly more modest than their male counterparts: 51 per cent of the ladies responded said that public kissing in moderation is fine, while 61 per cent of the fellas said anything goes.

“The high numbers of people that are okay with PDA is indicative of our easygoing tolerance and acceptance – qualities that are consummately Canadian,” says Toronto etiquette expert Karen Cleveland. She says that attitudes towards kissing in public have softened over the years, but is quick to warn there is still such a thing as going too far.

“A good rule of thumb is to avoid doing anything you’d be embarrassed to do in front of your grandparents,” says Cleveland. “That means no groping and no tongue.”

Dating consultant Shannon Tebb says location matters. “If you’re on a subway car or in a doctor’s office – anywhere confined with other people – it’s probably best to avoid big displays,” says Tebb. “If you’re on the street, it’s more acceptable.”

If you’ve decided to go for the public smooch, why not make your partner happy?

According to, most Canadian men prefer sensual kisses on the lips, while the majority of women like the so-called French kiss. Those with female partners should be extra observant of what their partner enjoys, as most women say being with a good kisser is important, while men are less concerned because their partners “may be better at other things.” We’ll let you ponder that one for yourselves.

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