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One last goodbye to Amanda Todd

"You'll always be my Princess Snowflake."

Carol Todd stood in front of more than 500 people Sunday to share her fondest memories of her daughter Amanda at a celebration of life event in Coquitlam.

In a tear-filled tribute, Todd recalled her daughter's passion for music and singing as well as the ups and downs of their mother-daughter relationship - how they fought, made up and laughed.

Todd also shared that her daughter's favourite movie was Pay it Forward, noting that in death she is spreading awareness about bullying.

"Although she is gone ... she has left behind a larger-than-life message that has sparked the world and has made it open its eyes, its ears and its hearts," she said.

Amanda's favourite teacher Leah Pells, a physical education instructor at the Coquitlam Alternate Basic Education secondary school, said the 15-year-old "felt things so deeply which was a blessing and curse for her."

But despite her problems, she added, Amanda cared for all the students in the class.

"(She) was asking students if they were okay, worrying with me when students didn't show up," Pells said.

Four of Amanda's friends shed tears as they recalled the times they spent with the teen, who would've celebrated her 16th birthday on Nov. 27.

The event was also filled with music, with performances by singer Elise Estrada and Langley's Cole Armour, who has appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

"So when you see a snowflake fall from the sky this winter wherever you may be, please think of Amanda and her message," Todd said.

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