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UPDATE: Three bodies pulled from Highwood River

Update 3:16 p.m. - SATURDAY

RCMP have confirmed that a third body has been retrieved from the Highwood River.

They believe it was a 35-year-old woman who was swept away while in her trailer in the Highwood River near Longview.

UPDATE - 5:23 p.m.

High River RCMP have confirmed the recovery of two bodies from the Highwood River. One person is still missing they said late Friday afternoon.

Police have not identified the victims.

In order to ensure all are accounted for, High River RCMP are asking residents who have been evacuated from the townsite to register at the shelters in the nearby towns of Blackie and Nanton. Approximately 500 people have registered already.

Police, military and emergency services personnel are continuing to go door-to-door to locate anyone who may not be able to evacuate from flooded areas.

Over 200 RCMP from around the province have been brought in to assist with flood relief.


Four people in the High River area may be ‘casualties’ as a result of the flooding on the Highwood River, according to the RCMP.

RCMP said Friday that two men were seen floating lifeless in the Highwood River in the High River area. No bodies have been located.

On Thursday, police say a woman was swept away with her camper in the Longview area of the Highwood River. According to RCMP, she has not yet been located.

RCMP also say a man was seen falling from a canoe and it was not seen if he was able to get back into the boat.

In High River, 40 officers, some from as far away as Fort McMurray, will be conducting door-to-door check in the evacuation area.

The entire town was closed off, except to emergency personnel, and law enforcement officers turned a steady stream of people away from routes into the town.

RCMP have requested four aircraft from the Department of National Defence, and currently two have been sent.  Three helicopters are working in the area, including two civilian choppers and one fixed wing aircraft.

In Turner Valley and Canmore, partial evacuations are still in place. Police in Canmore will be conducting door-to-door searches to ensure no one is in the evac area.

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