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Bear catches nap atop Saskatchewan power pole

Talk about an uncomfortable spot for a snooze.

A black bear near Shellbrook, Sask., about 140 kilometres northeast of Saskatoon, decided to take a nap atop a SaskPower pole last Friday after escaping from a pair of dogs.

According to SaskPower spokesman Tyler Hopson, a customer alerted the company to the animal and a crew was dispatched to check out the bedtime bear.

“I guess the bear decided that climbing the power pole would be a good escape route,” Hopson said.

“By the time our crew got on site, the bear was already on top of the pole and he was awake initially, and got fairly comfortable it seems and decided to have a bit of a nap.”

A sleeping animal atop a power pole is a rare occurrence, he said.

“He did manage to get down from the pole safely," Hopson said, "and is not injured as far as we know and didn’t do any damage to the pole or cause any sort of power outage.”

Hopson noted that the nap could have ended poorly for the bear and for surrounding service areas.

“Safety around power lines is always very important," he said.

“There certainly was some danger to the bear, had he touched any of the live wires.”

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