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Web developer wants your double-double data on Roll Up the Rim

In possibly the most Canadian use of big data ever, a Toronto web developer is trying to unlock the statistical secrets of Tim Hortons' Roll Up the Rim to Win contest.

Kent English is the man behind The site lets users input their Roll Up the Rim results, with the goal of discovering which cup size is most likely to cough up a free donut or new car.

"I hope we can get people from across the country contributing their own results so we can build a dataset and see what patterns emerge from it," English said.

At press time, large cups were leading the pack, fitting the popular theory the coffee chain puts more prizes in larger sizes.

"You always wonder if you'd have gotten a large, would you have had a better chance of winning," English said. "There's only one way to find out, and that's by collecting some data."

English said he built the site "for the heck of it" earlier this week as a fun example of the power of open data. As he gets more submissions, he plans to chart wins based on location and show how different kinds of prizes are distributed across cup sizes.

The site is mobile-friendly, meaning users can input their results on their smartphones, English said. He also encouraged people to use the site even if they didn't win.

"I want losers too," he said. "If you bought a large and didn't win, that helps me determine the frequency of how often large wins."

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